Gender Pay Gap Reporting for Companies with More Than 250 Employees in Great Britain

Beginning April 2017, companies with 250 or more employees in England, Wales and Scotland on April 5th should be aware of a requirement to begin publishing annually on their own website and on a government website the following four figures:

  • Gender pay gap (mean and median averages)
  • Gender bonus gap (mean and median averages)
  • Proportion of men and women receiving bonuses
  • Proportion of men and women in each quartile of the organization’s pay structure

Please note that the term “employee” is very broadly defined for this reporting purpose.  For guidance on managing the calculation and reporting requirements, the Government Equalities Office and Acas prepared guidance available here:

Jason Brenkert

Jason assists clients in raising funds through capital markets transactions, mergers and acquisitions and providing advice on corporate governance, general corporate law and public company disclosure obligations.

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