2016 Amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law

The DGCL was amended in June.  Most notably, the amendments (i) broadened the availability of Section 251(h) mergers consummated without stockholder approval following a first-step tender or exchange offer for all shares entitled to vote on the merger, (ii) eliminated de minimis appraisal claims under Section 262, and (iii) allows companies to make a pre-judgment payment to dissenting stockholders to reduce interest costs in connection with an appraisal action.  Our summary of the amendments can be found here:  https://www.dorsey.com/newsresources/publications/client-alerts/2016/07/2016-delaware-general-corporation-law-amendments

Kimberley R. Anderson

Kimberley helps clients achieve key business goals through securities offerings and acquisitions and guides public companies through corporate governance and disclosure requirements.

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